- New Project on 2022 - 2023
Collaboration with the composers:
Clarice Assad . Belle Chen . Iason Maroulis . John Panagiotou
New music for both classical and electric guitar.

- 2021 marks the release of Dimitris Soukaras’s new album "ROOTS" for NAXOS records. The music in this program covers a spectrum of genres that have flourished in Greece in recent years, from Jazz to contemporary avant-garde. These all have had a strong impact on Soukaras's development as an artist. In making this recording he took the opportunity to invite some of Greece's leading composers to write for his instrument for the first time. All works are world premiere recordings.

- Artistic Director of "MUΣΑ" Concert Series in Ancient Corinth (GR). The purpose of this Concert Series is to promote young artists, new projects, innovative ideas from different genres of music.